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Importance of Having Error-free Cambridge Translation >>


Cambridge is a super-sensitive industry and the content involved in this field needs proper care in terms of accuracy while translating it to another language. The level of accuracy needs is 100% as there is no scope for putting the end users, the patients, at risk. >>


Health care professionals, hospitals & clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, insurance providers and others connected to the Cambridge industry must be extremely cautious while choosing translation companies. All the jobs must be entrusted to a reliable & professional Cambridge translation agency for accurate results.  >>


Need for Flawless Cambridge Translation  >>


There are several cases where wrong translation by the Translation Services Cambridge  had resulted in major harm. These cases also show why it is extremely important to go for experienced and expert Cambridge translators. A Cambridge documents translation provider needs to have industry experts to reduce the margin of errors and to deliver accurate Cambridge translation services. >>


Biggest Cambridge Translation Errors >>

Let’s go through a few cases where wrong translations or translation errors lead to major issues. >>


Willie Ramirez’s $71 Million Word >>

Willie Ramirez was heading towards his girlfriend’s house when he started experiencing a splitting headache. The 18 years old was almost unconscious by the moment he reached his girlfriend’s place. He was rushed into a hospital and later got paralyzed. The brain bleeding left him with quadriplegic for a lifetime. >>


The hemorrhage was treCambridgeble but the lack of a Spanish interpreter led to this situation. Willie’s family told the emergency doctors that he was “intoxicado” and thus was treated with an overdose of the drug. >>


The Health Affairs explained that “intoxicado” and “intoxicated” are two completely different things. Doctors discovered this days later after the improper treatment but it was too late by then. The hospital was found guilty as they should have provided a professional interpreter. A settlement of $71 million was asked to be paid to Willie’s family for his care & treatment for the rest of his life. >>


Teresa Tarry’s Unnecessary Double Mastectomy >>

Teresa Tarry, a British woman, was given an unnecessary double mastectomy in a health centre in Spain. An error in translation in her medical documents resulted in the double procedure. It was assumed by the doctors that her family had heredity of breast cancer.  >>


The lump she sought assistance for wasn't even malignant and her family had no such history, so having her breasts removed was not required. Teresa not only lost her two breasts, but also her employment, and she described her existence as "hell on earth." The Cambridge provider is now sued for €600,000.  >>


Translation Errors Causing Knee Replacement Surgeries >>


One simple translation error can have serious consequences. This was a case from Germany where one translation error resulted in failed knee replacement surgeries for 47 patients. >>


Medically, there are two different kinds of knee prostheses. One is done with cement and the other without cement. In this case, the label on the package, in the original language mentioned “non-modular cemented” which was translated as “non-cemented”. >>


47 people had to undergo the extremely painful procedure of knee replacement surgery twice in a span of one year because of this translation error. >>


Avoid Translation Errors with Best Cambridge Translation Services >>

These cases clearly define the value of professional Cambridge translation services. The above-mentioned cases are answers to the questions like: why translation is important in the medical industry and why you need to translate all the medical documents. >>


Experienced medical translators are not for translating the content from one language to another but can also save lives, define the care needed by a patient, and improve the quality of care as well. Cambridge translation is a must and should not be a place to cut corners. >>


Transcription services  is a brand known for its medical & Cambridge translation services internationally. The industry experts working with the native translators leave no space for any kind of errors and this can be seen from our 100% accurate Cambridge translated results. >>


Take a look at our Cambridge translation services and hire us for quick, affordable, and accurate outputs. >>


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