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Vitalii Orlov

Bitcoin dice game dice on cryptocurrency is a gambling game in which a bet is involved with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, in order to play the game you must have cryptocurrency, if you do not have a cryptocurrency of her 

you can buy this online by any debit or credit card.


What is the essence of the game.

We need to choose the bet size and our chance of winning. We will be shown the possible (estimated) winnings from our bet.

Bet more or less, and thereby regulate our gain.

The game generates a number from 0 to 999 999. If the number is within the range of more/less that you have chosen, we win.

In General, game days are different but the principle is the same, for example if we put the percentage of winning, not one to two and one to three, if we guess the same 1 out of three, we will get a bigger payoff than one to two.

Another example of dice, put the chance of winning is 50:50, if we guess correctly we get the same amount as set, but if we put the chance of winning is 30 to 70, if we guess, we will get a bigger prize.

And play logged in the game before that, we already bought the cryptocurrency, not necessarily to buy bitcoin you can buy Ethereum or Dogecoin they are cheaper and for transferring the removed less interest. To put cryptocurrency into the account, you have to be cryptocurrency wallet, now there are cryptocurrency wallets very much, just by typing in the Internet "multicriteriality wallet online" for example here https://www.cryptonator.com/ before you buy get a wallet and buy bitcoin https://www.bestchange.com/ when you buy you will need to enter your wallet cryptocurrency, wallet is just a normal piece of code letters and numbers, copy it and enter in the field to replenish ( purchase cryptocurrency ), you will be listed as cryptocurrency how many you buy. When the cryptocurrency will have you on the cryptocurrency wallet, you will be able to list any games, or games back on your wallet. To enroll in the game of crypto-currencies we need to take the same piece of code, that is, the wallet in-game cryptocurrency that you bought in your purse to put how much you want to bring crypto-currencies like it will be 1 bitcoin, click the send button.

All through some time bitcoin will definitely come to you.

And so the principle is clear, but there are different tactics of the game of dice.

For example martingale, if we set the rate 1 it loses we put more bet 2 loses we bet she wins 4 and we return the rate again to 1, so I think the tactic is clear.There is another option, it is more suitable for playing at 30, 35 percent of winnings, at such percentages there is more loss, therefore you can skip for example at a small bet of 5-6 losses and then increase the bet, and play until the winning win, if the percentage is even lower then  there are even more losses, in the same way we can choose the side for 70 percent of the gain, but the gain will be less but more often, and the loss will be greater.

 I once had a chance, but I won even by 3 percent, it’s clear that you really can’t wait for a win.

 Of course, there are other tactics of the game, it is everyone who chooses for himself what tactics of the game he should play.

 In addition to dice, there are other gambling games that you can play on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and now to dice, the best sites.

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