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Vitalii Orlov

Everything You Wanted to Know About Online Gambling

Who opened the first online casino and when?

In 1996, Online Interactive Gaming Entertainment, powered by CryptoLogic's software, opened the first online casino, InterCasino, where players could wager and win real money from the comfort of their home.  Competitors quickly realized all the advantages of this type of gambling business, and by 1998 there were dozens of online casinos on the Internet.

Who develops online casino software?

Today, there are many software providers who license casino owners to use their software.  Some casinos develop their own software, but most gambling business tycoons prefer to purchase licensed software from leading manufacturers, such as Cryptologic, Microgaming, Playtech and Boss Media.

How many online casinos are there on the Internet?

According to a study conducted by analysts at Bear Stearns in 2001, there were between 1,200 and 1,400 sites on the Internet that accepted money bets at that time.  Undoubtedly, since then the number of online casinos has increased many times over, although some analysts predict this sector of the gambling business will soon stagnate due to too high competition and excess of supply over demand - there are so many online casinos that not everyone is able to make a profit.  These predictions are partially confirmed by the closure of a number of gambling houses and coincide with the results of studies of the audience of online gambling.

How many people play casinos and bet on sports events online?

This question has been and remains very popular, and therefore there has never been a lack of research in this area.  Although none of the existing reports provide an exact figure for the number of players who visit online gambling houses, there is enough information to get a general idea of ​​their number.

According to a report by the independent research company Bear Stearns, which was published on February 18, 2002 in the USA Today newspaper, at that time there were about 4.5 million people in the world who regularly gambled on the Internet, and half of this number lived on  territory of the United States.

In total, about 12 million people made money bets on the Internet.  Most of the bets were placed on online casinos.  According to other sources, the number of people who at least once made money bets on the Internet did not exceed 8 million at the beginning of the century.

According to polls conducted by Forrester in 2005, there were already more than 300 thousand sites in the world that accept money bets.  Including sites offering participation in US lotteries and other major global lotteries.  The total audience of these sites was over 7 million people.  Despite the fact that most of the traffic, as in 2002, came from the United States, the total share of US players in online gambling houses fell to 40% under the pressure of visitors from other countries of the world.

And there is every reason to believe that the online gambling market will continue to grow, attracting more and more people.

In February 2005, UK-based company 888.com conducted a study that showed that in just two years, from late 2003 to early 2005, the total amount of money that the British spent on online gambling increased sixfold.  ...  The same study found that 40% of English people who play on the Internet are women.  Thus, the share of the fair sex among visitors to online gambling houses was significantly higher than among visitors to conventional casinos.

In turn, in another study by Nielsen & NetRatings, the authors concluded that from February 2004 to February 2005, the online gambling audience in the UK grew by 45%.  In February 2005 alone, sites that accept money bets were visited by about 3.2 million people.  To some extent, the rapid development of this segment of the gambling business was facilitated by the spread of broadband Internet access, which made it much easier to play in online casinos.

What is the name of the largest online casino?

Depending on the evaluation criteria, a number of casinos can be identified that claim this title.

Casino On Net is the leader in terms of advertising costs and, therefore, the number of visitors.  Already in 2002, the advertising budget of this casino was about $ 35 million!

In terms of the range of games, Blackjack Ballroom and 7 Sultans Casinos come out on top, each of which offers visitors more than 200 gambling entertainment for every taste.

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