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Cloud-based applications can be particularly useful for field service businesses, as they can help solve a number of common challenges that these businesses face.

Some of the biggest issues that can be solved by a cloud application development include:

Scheduling and dispatch: A cloud-based scheduling and dispatch system can help field service businesses schedule and dispatch technicians to job sites more efficiently, reducing the risk of delays and improving customer satisfaction.

Resource management: A cloud-based resource management tool can help field service app businesses more efficiently allocate and track the use of equipment and materials, which can help reduce waste and improve profitability.

Mobile access to information: A cloud-based system can allow field service technicians to access important information and documents on the go, which can help improve productivity and reduce the risk of errors.

Real-time communication: A cloud based erp software system can enable real-time communication between field technicians and the office, which can help improve coordination and reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

Invoicing and billing: A cloud-based invoicing and billing system can help field service businesses create and send invoices to customers more efficiently, improving cash flow and reducing the risk of errors.

Overall, a cloud-based application can help field service businesses improve efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, improve communication, and streamline invoicing and billing, which can ultimately lead to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.


Employees who deliver services in the field face a wide range of challenges to accomplish their tasks efficiently while providing superior customer service. From scheduling appointments and visiting different locations to servicing equipment or inspecting facilities, field employees have a lot on their plate. Fortunately, new cloud-based technologies enable them to do their jobs more effectively and provide data for management and customers to make better business decisions. Let’s take a look at how an integrated mobile field service app or an inspection management solution can help your business save time, reduce errors, and provide actionable data.

How Cloud Technology Can Help

Being organized is vital for field technicians, inspectors, and other employees who perform services at client locations. Even the slightest error or omission can result in an unwanted outcome and client dissatisfaction. A feature-rich mobile field service app or inspection management solution can enable field technicians and inspectors, delivery drivers, and other team members to manage transactions and access forms and data with a smartphone or tablet.

Whether they need to update or close open issues, view customer and equipment locations, find replacement parts, update an inspection log, create an invoice, or provide price quotes, field employees can complete tasks in a paperless environment, accessing customer information, mobile forms, digital instructions, and data through the cloud.

A mobile field management app streamlines case management, order management, and issue management, and it lowers the risk of miscommunication between field techs and home offices. A robust mobile field service app or inspection management solution will also integrate into ERP and CRM solutions, giving field techs everything they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Mobile Forms

Mobile forms are one of the primary features of a field service app. They provide many benefits, including:

Enabling users to collect information in real time

Capturing pictures and videos

Avoiding the need to re-enter data into another system or Excel sheet

Simplifying the storage and retrieval of past forms

Making managing past forms easier

Automating expensive, time-consuming manual processes

Providing offline access

A mobile field service app will ensure that your field employees don’t miss appointments, deliveries, or pick-ups and perform their jobs properly.

Benefits of an Inspection Management Solution

For businesses providing inspection services, mobile technologies used by your inspectors will help your clients reduce risks, improve quality, and ensure compliance, and they will help support environment, health, and safety protocols. An inspection management solution provides many benefits, including

Scheduling inspections

Enabling the creation of customized forms, checklists, and reports

Filling out and submitting inspection reports

Speeding up inspections

Distributing reports

Analyzing collected data

Automating manual processes

Providing an audit trail

By consolidating your systems, an inspection management solution helps your inspectors streamline inspections, flag issues, and track issues until they’re resolved — all while using fewer resources.

Each Business Is Unique

When your field teams transition to using digital forms, you will need forms that fit your workflow and business logic and that are tailored to fit your specific data collection needs. A robust mobile field app or inspection management solution will provide an easy-to-use online form builder that enables you to design customized, intuitive forms and create forms, checklists, and other documents that employees can fill out easily and efficiently — even for the most complex field tasks. A full-featured solution will empower your teams to use field forms to generate reports and data sets and to distribute them electronically to clients and throughout your organization.


If you’re in the market for a cloud-based solution to deliver service excellence and transform worker productivity, take a look at our mobile field services app and our inspection forms module. Your field employees can access them from anywhere at any time, and they seamlessly integrate the management of work orders within your company’s workflows. Contact us today, and one of our experts will work with you to show you how Averiware’s advanced erp software solution can help resolve your business problems and get you to where you want to be.

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